18th Commemoration of Genocide against the Tutsi


Candle of Hope April - July 2012

"Learning from our past building our future"
The genocide against the Tutsi was a tragedy not only for Rwanda but for all of humanity. April 2012 marks the 18th commemoration of the genocide in which more than a million men, women and children were murdered in one hundred days.

The commemoration is a time to remember, to grieve and honor those who lost their lives, while giving hope, dignity and support to survivors.
18 years after the genocide against the Tutsi, Rwandans look forward, committed to unity and development, refusing to be defined by the past but taking in the lessons of this history in order to do things differently and forge a bright future.

While remembering the Genocide we examine what caused this tragedy, recognize the brutality with which it was conducted, and the innumerable consequences of its aftermath on Rwandans and their country.
In an effort to overcome the effects of the genocide and build a new, strong nation that values every Rwandan life, entire communities of men and women, young and old, have chosen to rise up, determined to break from the past and mend Rwanda's social fabric, and work towards socioeconomic transformation.

A new generation of young Rwandans, the nation's most valuable resource, is coming of age in a country completely different from that their parents knew. These young Rwandans need to know their history in order to fully understand and commit to a society free of the discrimination, divisionism and genocide ideology that almost destroyed Rwanda, and instead work together to build a united, democratic and prosperous Rwanda.